Coaches Corner – Trois

Zac hitting the barriers at Santa Rosa Cup Round 1

The third segment in the coaches corner centers around one Zac Stanley.  Zac has had a tremendous run in the 35+ B’s this year.  He has consistently rolled in the Top 5 and even bagged the top step.  Here’s his rendition of 13 questions…no offense 50 Cent, it’s not quite 21 questions.

a) Rock Lobster Team Aluminum w/ Easton EC90SL wheels, SRAM Rival 1×10 group,     Paul Mini-moto brakes and an ENVE fork.
b) Rock Lobster Euro Cross Steel w/ Mixed SRAM group.

2. What category do you race?
35+ B’s through the end of this season then I’m moving up to A’s.

3. High point of the year so far….
Winning BASP #2 @ Candlestick

4. How often do you ride?
I try to ride 6 days a week in one capacity or another

5. Have you ever been coached before?  How has it gone?
This is my first time being coached. I like it. There is no denying that Brian has helped me     get results I never thought I could get. I have a lot to learn yet.

6. Pre race meal?
Steel cut oatmeal with some trail mix and banana thrown in.

7. Post race meal?
Burritos, is there anything else?

8. Beer? Coffee? Wine?
Beer – 21st Amendment Back in Black. Coffee – Peet’s Italian Roast. Wine – In a box.

9. Coffee?
Cream for color only

10. Do you eat broccoli stem?
11. Favorite cross racer…
Zach Macdonald – He’s really good at wheelies and doesn’t shave his legs.

12. Favorite course….
I like Coyote Point in San Mateo. It has everything – punchy climbs, sand, technical single track, fast straightaways. Suits a rider like me.

13. Disc brakes?  What do you think?
Maybe, but I just bought a new rig this season with Minmoto’s.  I said no to carbon wheels for 2 seasons and I now I’m wondering why I waited so long.

Zac hitting the barriers at Santa Rosa Cup Round 1
Zac hitting the barriers at Santa Rosa Cup Round 1
Zac on the top step!
Zac on the top step!

Coaches Corner – Part Deux

Yellow shoes = Super fast

That’s two for the uninitiated.  As in this is my second blog post about some of my most excellent people that I coach.  Next up….Marin local and major stock broker Brian Urey.  Brian has been with me for almost the entire year.  He has put in tremendous efforts throughout the season.  If lady luck was on his side there would have been some kisses from the podium babes.  Now here’s Brian…..

1.  What is your bike set up? – 2012 Specialized Crux disc set up SS w/BEER Components BB30 eccentric.

2.  What category do you ride? Depends on the race and what time the SS cats are scheduled. I am a morning person so I race SS/B in the BASP races and 45+ B in most of the others (CXSR, Stafford, Lion).

3.  Highlight of this season….so far… I guess for me it would be the sprint finish between 3 of us Mill Valley guys at the Sierra Point SSB race. Or maybe the Cesspool of Filth at Stafford Lake

4.  How often do you get out and ride? As often as Coach Brian tells me to! I have a pretty good set-up which allows me to commute home from work several days/week. 15 miles with multiple opportunities to link in more miles, jump off pavement and practice some cross skills, or just spin the legs out.

5.  Is this your first time being coached?  What do you think? Yes, first time I have hired a coach. It’s great having someone getting me off my ass and onto the bike even when I don’t want to go ride. In the past I have always just gone out and ridden, with no structure or specific goals. Brian has dialed in my workouts so I can have a strong cross season and so far I am getting my best results ever. Very happy.

6.  Favorite pre race meal? Blueberry pancakes with a “green” blender drink on the side first thing, and then Coconutz Fuel balls to keep the tank full before the race.

7.  Favorite type of food? Italian, Mexican, Thai, pizza, Fork Catering, it’s all good.

8.  Beer or wine or coffee? IPA, cheap red, and Peets!

9.  Coffee?  How do you take it? Black, in my orange Bike Monkey mug.

10. Do you eat the stems of broccoli? You mean people besides my 10yr old don’t eat the stems of broccoli?

11. Favorite cross rider and why? Brian Staby of course! Seriously though, I guess I would say Scotty Chapin because of his fantastic moustache and the way he rocks the SS against the best of the geared guys.

12. Favorite course you have ever ridden on and why? Golden Gate Park, may it RIP. Love the tacky singletrack and general atmosphere.

13. Disc or not?  In the future????  Disc for 4 years in a row now. Avid BB7 road discs work great.

Making the Rounds at the Santa Rosa Cup
Making the Rounds at the Santa Rosa Cup
Yellow shoes = Super fast
Yellow shoes = Super fast