In the Thick of it….

The official start of the season for me has never been when I actually start racing, but when I get so far behind in this blog that I lose track of which race was when and how it went for me.  It is useless to promise better results in this.  New Year’s Resolutions don’t work either, so I just have to deal with the fact that I get a little flaky when we “get in the thick of it.”  “It” meaning the hectic, but short cyclocross season.


After a muddy start to the season and a surprising change of shifter cables due to the mud (how do people in Portland deal with this every week?), we were back on track with the usual dry, California fall.  Round 1 of the Bay Area Superprestige Race Series kicked off from the venerable Candlestick park, home of the SF 49ers.  Next year the stadium will be a rubble pile as the 49ers move south to Santa Clara.  So it is going to be the last year to have that concrete monolith in the background of all the pics from the race.  Tom and his people at Pilarcitos always put on a big show.  It’s like being at a circus with bikes.

BASP B's start

Nick Nesbitt of Buy/Cell Ibis and a CX Nation athlete readies for the start of the Killer B’s

I managed to get a front row call up, not because I did well in the last race held last year (I was in Bend for the USGP) but because I got online and registered pretty quickly.  I am usually not a huge fan of this system because it has nothing to do with bike skills.  This time I wasn’t going to complain.  I got a tremendous start, got the so called “hole shot”, but then sat up a little because I didn’t see anyone else around me….until a Cal Giant Berry came around me like he was shot out of a cannon.  That was the last time any of us saw Brian Finnerty who has been on fire this year so far.

I got in a group with Brock Dickie and another Berry, Alan Coates.  Now Brock is a great mountain biker and Alan is just a great all around rider.  My plan was to just sit on and follow wheels the best I could and hope for a good result.  I lost my race though on a turn midway through lap 2.  Instead of following Alan, I took Brock’s line, which was more of a sharp mtb line with a slide at the end.  Brock pulled it off…I didn’t and crashed hard.  Several guys passed me as I tried to clear the cobwebs.  It took me a while to get the big diesel engine going again.  I settled for 7th, which is the place that I finished in the past 3 out of 4 BASP races.  Guess I like that number.  Top 5 would be better.

Brian BASP

There’s your proverbial stadium shot in the background


Zac Stanley, CX Nation athlete, over the barriers. Same shoes as above.

Benoit BASP

Benoit Dubuisson, another CX Nation athlete. Different shoes.

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