The Keg From Specialized

I am always on the lookout for new and innovative products, especially the ones that work.  I have found the best way to get a grip on the schwag that is coming out is to hang out at your local bike shop.  If it is a good shop, then the guys behind the counter not only touch the product on a day to day basis, but they also ride…a bike…a lot.  I was intrigued by the new Specialized Keg Storage Vessel that was coming out, so I asked my local guys if they had it or not.  For this reason I am not naming the shop, but they said they didn’t have them because they weren’t impressed.  I was shocked.  I was impressed by it, why weren’t they?  Rarely do I go against the shop gurus, but this time I did.  I had to know what was up with this Keg.

So I ordered one from Specialized and my little baby Keg came in the mail a few days later.  Upon opening the package I knew what the guys at the shop were talking about.  It was too small or so I thought.  Only one way to find out…fill the Keg with goodies. Tool Bottle 1

All this fit in the Keg – Something missing?

So I grabbed all the tools that I usually take on a ride and laid them out.  Usually I ride the mountain bike with a Camelbak and then pack my tools into it.  I am not a fan of saddle bags or all sorts of homemade contraptions that guys come up with.  The saddle bag rubs against my legs and the last time I used a homemade set up on my mountain bike my tube and CO2 cannister got ejected 5 miles into the race – never to be found again.  This seemed like a good option, but I couldn’t fit a tube in the Keg.  Everything else fit and even if I eliminated a couple things like the patch kit and the levers, a 29er tube would not fit.  I doubt a 26er would fit either.  The Keg is listed as 16 ounces.  Specialized needs to bump it up to 24 ounces.  I mean, who doesn’t want more ounces in their keg, right?

Specialized Bottle

La Cascada (that means waterfall in American) in Chile

I took the Keg on a real test when I went to the Trans Andes Challenge in Chile a couple weeks ago.  6 grueling days on a mountain bike would really let me know if this thing would stand up to some of the nastiest roads around.  We rode on approximately 5 kilometers of paved road the whole time, so this thing took a beating.  It did great.  Besides making it bigger, the only thing I would recommend is that you put a red grease rag of some sorts in the top of the Keg and screw down tight.  Otherwise you go insane with the rattling of your tools.  Some have said that it takes away a water bottle, but if you have some sort of Camelbak you should be fine.  I have never had any luck grabbing a bottle out of that tight space anyway, especially if you have a bike with the shock off the top tube.

Pros:  Takes away that annoying saddle bag and get s weight off your back. Only $12.

Cons: Way too small

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