Here Comes The CX Nation Cyclocross Team

I have always had thing that if I am going to do something I go “all in”.  It was no different for Round 1 of the CX Nation cyclocross team.  We had a quick little get together or quasi training camp.  Tim Westmore provided the lens and a big red bridge gave us the back drop.  We could not have paid for a better view._MG30517CXNation

The Team and a bridge – Sage, Brij, Kristin, Brian and Miles

I swear I was never going to start a team.  It is not like I have actually ever had this much invested in a team.  But I have been on a lot of teams in the past and as many of us know it is no cake walk.  What is a cake walk anyways?  I’ll have to look that one up.  It usually starts out all roses and smiles.  You find out who is on the team, you get your kits, you race your butts off till June, then something happens.  It could be any number of things, but they usually tally negative results.  Well that is road racing, so it really doesn’t count.  This is cyclocross and we are all smiles, all the time.  Plus the season is over before discontent sets in.

My philosophy behind the team is a little counter intuitive than most cycling teams.  I never really understood why our kits acted like chairlift towers at a ski resort – covered in stickers.  Yeah you read the stickers when the lift stops because some beginner fell off the chair, but can you really read it when they are going by at 30 mph?  Plus most of them are so small.  Who remembers what stems Jelly Belly was using this year?   So I came in with the 21st Century approach and I will just stick with social media.  Most of the sponsors for this years team have given generously in the way of discounts on products (some discounts got down to $0) and we are rewarding them on the internet.  I always hope to generate some sales for these companies.  Their “niceness” should be rewarded.  I, for one, appreciate it.

So the team is comprised of a junior, Miles Daly, a female, Kristin Drumm and three dudes, myself, Sage and Brij.  We will all be racing top flight categories – A’s and 1,2,3’s.  Brij will be focusing on the 45+ field with Sage and myself focusing on the 35+ field.  Miles is a Cat 3 and will be entering a slew of divisions – both junior and senior.  Kristin will be all about the Women’s top field – 1’s/A’s.  This is a NorCal team with all of the riders hailing from Northern California.

_MG30512CXNation (1)

With the bikes – Custom Rock Lobster in the front

No race series will be immune to the CX Nation team.  Some of us will do a little traveling too.  I’ll be heading out in November to Jingle Cross, which takes place in our heartland…Iowa.  3 days of racing to grab some points for Nationals in Austin, Texas.  I am looking forward to this Nationals.  Look out for CX Nation this year…a force to be reckon with.  See you all out there.  By the way, Jelly Belly uses 3T stems.


The view you will be seeing of CX Nation this year – haha

Introduction The 2014 CX Nation Cyclocross Team

CX Nation


 Press Release

CX Nation Announces:

The CX Nation Cyclocross Team 2014


Santa Rosa, CA 8/25/2014:  CX Nation officially announced the formation of a new cyclocross team in Northern California – CX Nation.  The team will be based out of Santa Rosa, CA.  The CX Nation cyclocross team is composed of five riders that will be competing in the Northern California cyclocross circuit, as well as taking part in several races across the country; culminating in the National Championships in Austin, Texas.


The team includes Brian Staby, owner and founder, Brij Lunine, Kristin Drumm, Sage Aldeberan and Miles Daly.  All riders are “A” level/Category 1,2 racers and will be competing in Master’s, Open and Junior races.  Sponsors include Rock Lobster Bicycles, Easton, crankbrothers, Buckler Embrocation, Rip van Wafels, Smith Sunglasses, Bar Fly, Osmo Nutrition, Challenge Tires, Cross Propz, Bike Monkey, Taylor Maid Coffee, Echelon Cycle and Multisport and Cranking Glass Photography.


The goal of CX Nation is to support the sport of cyclocross through clinics, coaching, events and now a team.  CX Nation offers clinics throughout the San Francisco Bay Area and coaching via the internet.  CX Nation and Bike Monkey co-produce the Santa Rosa Cup cyclocross races in Sonoma County each fall.


“I started CX Nation five years ago because there was not a way to introduce new riders to the sport.  Now with cyclocross specific clinics and coaching the San Francisco Bay Area has that outlet.  Also, being from Northern California I wanted to support the area because we have such great resources for cyclocross.  Hence, I searched for most of our sponsors and riders who are based in Northern California.  I believe the quality of riders and race venues in Northern California compares with and even surpasses all the other regions in the country.”


For further information about CX Nation and the team: Contact Brian Staby at www.cxnation or 707-486-7610.  Also check out all that is CX Nation at