Lightning Stirkes

Sage and I lined up for Round 3 of the Sacramento Cyclocross series.  The race took place at Maidu Park in Roseville.  Man, Sacto has it so nice when it comes to parks.  This park was huge…even had an indoor soccer rink, plus batting cages.  Not happening in Santa Rosa, that’s for sure.  The numbers have been a little down for the 35+ A’s.  I am almost thinking of racing the A’s next year so I can race against someone.  After a couple laps I end up riding by myself for 45 minutes or more.  Boring….

The norm for me this year has been start fast and fade.  The fade has been coming at various times in the race.  It seems to be getting later in the race, so I guess that is good.  I lead for he first 1/2 lap, then Sage surged and I followed.  I didn’t look back, but it seemed like it caused some damage.  We made it to a twisty section of the course that flowed through some redwood trees and had some off camber.  Around one tree I got struck by lighting…and there wasn’t a cloud in the sky.  Something, like a root, seemed to grab my rear wheel or get caught in it.  I am not sure.  But the next thing I knew my rear tire was leaking air.  I looked more closely and the top half of my extender valve had been torn off.  What!???  I have never even heard of this.

So I ran to the pits and grabbed the “B” bike.  By that time I was in last place by a long shot.  Oh well, I just rode my race and tried to battle back.  I think I took 5th and, of course, Sage took the “W”. He has been so close this year.  It was good to see him get one. Overall a great course with a large run up and lots of grass and dirt trails.  The weather calmed a little, but I still needed a bottle on the bike, which makes it not seem like cyclocross.  I can’t wait to take all my water bottle cages off.
Brian Sac #3 2015 2

Shouldering up the hill on the first lap…I know this because my “A’ bike only made it one lap

Sage Oakland 2015 1

Sage with the shoulder

Brian Sac #3 2015 1

Over the barriers.  I’d sure like to stay on my bike more in the Sac races…

Sage and Brian Sac #2 2015 (2)

Relaxed at the start

Sage and Brian Sac #2 2015

Following Sage on Lap 1

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