Sacto Round 1

I’m lovin’ me some Sacto grass cross.  Last weekend was the opener of the Sacramento race series.  I’ve made it my focus this year.  Round 1 was in Orangevale, a suburb of Sac.  They brought this course in a couple years ago and I always love coming back.  Lots of grass, mostly flat, sand, sun…you get it.  Saturday was a toasty one.  90+ degrees and East Coast muggy.  It also saw the return of Brian Finnerty to racing.  A phenomenal rider who, it seems, could win any race at any time in any category.  Fortunately for Sage and I he signed up for the 35+ A’s.

There was a huge crowd of racers for the lower categories, but by the time the A’s rolled up to the start it was a small showing.  All the A’s go for 60 minutes, which is great training, but can be very hard.  There were only 7 of us in the 35+.  Sad.  Very sad.  A lot of the usual suspects don’t seem to be riding this year.  I have yet to see Coates, Myrah, et al.  Finnerty was enough though.

I got off to a great start.  It seemed like everybody else was relaxing a little too much.  I know George (the announcer) is a quick starter, so I was ready.  It seems like the start of the race is the only time I am doing well this year.  I have the hole shot in 3 or 3 races this year.  Then it is all downhill.  Same on Saturday.  I lead for 3/4 of the first lap and I only knew it would be a matter of time before Finnerty came around me.  He did and so did Sage.  I had nothing.  Ugh….  Then I lost 3rd place.  Double ugh….

So I just spun around and tried to pick off as many people as possible. After 4 of 10 laps I began to feel the heat.  Chills gave way to a slow dehydration.  I did manage to get some bunny hopping practice, which I am horrible at.  They had a smallish plank in the middle of a sand pit.  The sand was rideable, but if you bobbled the hop you lost all momentum to get out of the sand.  I only sketched out once,on the last lap, so it didn’t really matter.  Finnerty won, Sage second and I was 4th.  Hopefully the endurance is coming…..

Brian Sac Orangevale 1 2015

Great jump off the line

Sage and Brian Orangevale 1 2015

Sage and I together on the first lap

Sage Orangevale Sac 1 2015

Sage hops….

Brian Sac Orangevale 2 2015

Brian suffers

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