The Night Life

What turned out to be Round 1 and 2 of the Bay Area Superprestige race was last weekend.  After the cancellation of the first race due to permit problems, this was going to be our first chance to mix it up with the big boys.  Most of the time the “fringe” races in places like Sacramento and Monterey just bring out a handful of the top riders.  The BASP usually brings them all together for one big battle royale.  Sierra Point is called “Friday Night Lights” in honor of all those high school football teams that play at the end of the week.  Well, turns out this race is on Saturday, but we will give the organizers a little leeway with this one.  The course changed a little this year.  It is usually held on an old building site, well a site where a building was going to go.  Now it is just weeds and dirt.  Some of it is piled up around the course and they refer to that section at “the Alps”.  Well, some off wheelers got hold of the muddy field and forced the owners to put a fence around the Alps.  Not much elevation after this was done.  The dust was still there though.  HEPA mask optional.

The 35+ A’s went off at 6pm.  It was completely dark at that point which was nice.  No battling the setting sun.  They did call ups from last years race and I got on the front row, right next to Murray Swanson, who is a tremendously fast starter and the favorite in this race.  I got off to my usual fast start and slotted in right behind Murray.  In a split second he was gone.  I couldn’t believe it.  I hooked up with another guy that I didn’t recognize and we tried to catch up to Murray.  After one lap the guy was playing games, like weaving back and forth on the paved section.  He must have just watched a round of the Tour de France.  Just ride bro….  After another lap I was passed by Mundelius, Sage, Coates and a Tarte.  I tried to hang on and just got blown off.  We all went into the blender again and when I came out I had dropped National/World Champion Henry Kramer and sprinted to the line with Steve Oz.  7th place…not bad.  I haven’t really been feeling confident all year and this was the first time I felt pretty good.  I missed out on the repecharge on Sunday, where they got a little rain to knock the dust down and make it extra greasy.

Kristin BASP Sierra Point

CX Nation had a good night and next day – Kristin was 4th

Sage Podium BASP Sierra Point

Sage with a 3rd place at the night race

Benoit BASP Sierra Point

Benoit pulled off a strong 3rd in the Singlespeed B’s

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