West Sacramento Gran Prix of Cyclocross

Sacramento went big this year and brought in a UCI race.  It has been quite a long time since a UCI race was held in NorCal.  A lot of big riders on the West Coast came to Sac for the competition.  CX Nation made the short drive to the Sac-Town for what would be my first race of the season.  Many of the juniors had already traveled down to Monterey for CCCX, but the senior squad was lying in wait…trying to reserve what little strength us old people have.

The juniors before the gun….so serious.

The course has been used for several years.  They had to open it up a little and make it longer in order to accommodate a C2 ranking.  It was still mostly grass with a little bit of pavement and sand.  There was actually a lot more sand, lucky me, than in previous years because of the big winter we had in California.  The Sacramento River flooded the course on multiple occasions last winter, which made more sand pits for us.

The juniors kicked off the racing on both days and produced some impressive results.  Vida was 1st/1st, Travis was 3rd/3rd, Ian was 4th/7th and Galen was 8th/8th.  They really battled the entire time.  It was great to see.  The seniors didn’t fair as well.  I rode to a 15th in the 45+ race.  I got a great start and ended up in the Top 5 for most of the 1st and 2nd laps.  Then I met a tree in the sand.  Hurt my shoulder pretty good.  Stunned me for a moment and lots of people passed.  After that I couldn’t really recover and ended up with a result that didn’t really excite me.

Turns, turns and more turns..

I managed to drag myself into the UCI after the ladies – Kristin and Tanya, had raced in their UCI race.  Starting so far back it was a dust bowl for the first part of the race.  I was racing this one for points and in the end it did not work out really well.  I should have been pulled with 5 to go, but the ref wasn’t paying attention.  I wish he was because I met that tree again.  This time it got my rear derailleur hanger.  I managed to limp back to finish line, but both crashes effectively ended my run at two consecutive days of racing.  The first race is usually my worst – trying to get everything dialed.  It can only get better from here right?

Vida on the podium

The crew without bikes….