After the Fire – Time to Clear the Head

In case you are a bear and just came out of hibernation…wait that doesn’t make sense.  Bears aren’t hibernating yet…anyway…there was a big fire that swept through my hometown of Santa Rosa, CA, along with many other towns in the area.  It was a disaster of epic proportions.  I had just returned from a great experience at Grinduro in Quincy, CA.  My newest exploit, Baker’s Dozen Wheel Works, had a booth there and we raffled off a pair of killer wheels that had custom hubs from White Industries married to NOX Composites carbon hoops.  We rode our bikes….a lot.  Drank a bunch and ate great food.  On Sunday morning, October 8th I was driving back to Santa Rosa and noticed strong winds in the Feather River Valley.  When I got to the town of Williams on I5 there was no power in the gas station, due to the 50+ mile per hour winds.  By the time I got back to work at 5pm the winds were ramping up and the rest is history.

Wheels for Raffle at Grinduro

Fully custom thanks to White Industries – That’s the Grinduro logo on the hub.

All smiles after this thing was done…loving my number.

My crew was all smiles after saving the oldest winery in California

After spending 6 straight days at work and 10 out of 12 I was finally back to a little normalcy.  I hadn’t been training on the bike, but I needed to clear my head so I drove up to Lange Twins Winery and literally jumped into a race without even warming up for a second.  It was fun to be suffering on the bike again with my friends.  I started in the back and worked my way up to 5th.  Not bad…The juniors were out there crushing it at the winery. haha. Get it? Crushing?  Kobi, Vida and Ian both rode great races.

Wine tanks make for a great back drop. Smelled good too!

Kobi with the hops….

Reunited with the kids….

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