Deciding to get a coach for cycling can be a big decision and I realize that. Life is full of things that can keep us busy beyond the 24-hour day– family, work, friends, house, etc… I know, I live it too. Add onto all that, a busy workout schedule and it could be a recipe for disaster; or at the very least, make for long days. This is why I will tailor all your workouts to your lifestyle. I strive for a fully custom approach with each athlete that I coach. If you don’t have enough time one day to do 3 hours of riding, no problem, I will come up with something else that fits into your schedule. Flexibility is the key.

The benefits of coaching are numerous. A coach can see your strengths and weaknesses, by observing your workout files, riding with you and watching you race. By focusing on your strengths and building up your weaknesses a coach can help you achieve your goals.

Since I began cycling competitively I have had three very different coaches. All gave me the workouts that they felt were best for me. Some worked, some didn’t. What I gained from them was an appreciation for what they had to offer. I have taken that and molded into my own coaching model. I only take a maximum of 6 clients at one time. This gives me more time with each individual and gives you a more personal coaching experience. Below are the details of my coaching package.

  • Easily understandable workouts with complete descriptions.
  • Unlimited number of contacts per month via email, text or phone.
  • Monthly training sessions (if you are near me) where we can train or ride together.
  • Daily feedback on training sessions
  • Workouts and analysis on Power, Heart Rate and/or Perceived Efforts.
  • Fee: $150/month